Biking update

Well, this weekend I passed 250 miles on my new bike (I was surprised to see that I only had 183 on my old hybrid this year), and passed 500 miles on the year this morning.  And I'm still having a blast, doing it.

I need to find some more routes to try, though.  I tried one new one this morning, with two disappointments there.  One was that it was only 16 miles, and the other that it spent too much distance on roads where I didn't feel terribly safe (I was never in danger, but I did see a very near miss between two cars when I was only 20-30 yds away.  I wonder if I distracted the driver who was turning, just with my presence).  And I did not like crossing Rt 7, right at I-66, on my bike, traffic light or no.

I'm planning my first century in about a week, and feeling pretty good about that.  I want to do rides the days before and after, but not sure how much.  I'd guess that ten miles at a slow pace would be good, but I'm terrible at keeping a slow pace.

I'm getting a Retül fitting the day before (accidental scheduling); wish I had more time between the two.  Regardless of the timing, I'm hoping to learn quite a bit from that.  I'm getting a bit of a feel for bike fit, but I want to see how it is when things are exactly right.  Wonder if it'll leave me with a bike where I've replaced all of the "don't care about this piece" parts.

One thing I've found fairly interesting is comparing the online forums for biking versus those for photography.  Although both span a wide range of ages, the photography ones certainly skew much older (no surprise).  But the big difference is signal:noise ratio.  Although I've gotten some very valuable info out of biking forums, the ratio seems very low.  Dunno if that really means anything, but I do find it interesting.

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