No big surprises

Well, no surprise that all the politicians in Washington thought bombing the Middle East back to the Dark Ages was a swell idea.  Also no surprise that they did it as an amendment to a "must pass" spending bill, with no record of votes for or against the war.  Once again, we see the most cowardly Congress in history, with no courage in their convictions, and plenty of willingness to kill brown people.

Not even a peace treaty between ISIL and other, various Syrian opposition groups (you know, the people we were going to be training to go after ISIL) was enough to get the politicians to rethink their strategy.

"Third time's the charm" for war in/around Iraq, I guess.

I don't understand it.  A pure bombing campaign (which, with the treaty with the Syrian opposition, is all with which we're left) is useless.  It'll kill some people, but also ensure plenty of new recruits.  It might hinder their operations a bit, but won't ever get them to stop what they're doing.

And apparently the killing started today.  I hope they can do a much better job of avoiding killing innocent bystanders than has been the case over the last... many years.

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