Get your sh!t together

This morning did not start out well.  I got up on time, but immediately remembered that I hadn't charged my phone last night.  I found it, put it on the charger, then got dressed to ride.

I got out the door, and immediately realized I'd also forgotten to put the lights on the bike last night, and therefore left them inside.  Walked around the house, inside, walked through to get them, then got started again.  Three-tenths of a mile later, I realized I'd also forgotten my helmet due to changing my mind at the last minute about which jacket I was going to use (the FuguJack I put on has an integrated hood/balaclava).

Went back to the house, walked through again, got the helmet and got out the door.  When I got home, I was informed that that trip through the house had woken the little one.  Ugh.

Finally got on the road, and realized that I wasn't going to have time to do my planned ride, despite it not being a recovery day.  But once I was on the road, things went just fine.  I ended up getting back a little earlier than I'd planned, but that might have been a good thing, given that I'd woken the little one up.

I did manage to get a little ride in, in the afternoon, as well.  That wasn't bad, even with the snow that was coming down at the time.  I experimented with a new route, mostly just for the hybrid, and that worked out pretty well.

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