It was the best of times, it was...

Yeah, not the best, Wednesday morning.  First, I woke up, and it sounded like the cars on the road were driving on very wet pavement.

I'd checked the weather the afternoon or evening (I forget exactly when) before, and it was promising very cold (20F) but dry.  Well, it turned out to be snowing.

Then I got to my bikes.  The pedals were on the road bike (I probably need to buy a second pair), plus I had forgotten to charge the phone.  On my first glance, I thought it said 10%, which was probably enough for the ride.  When I went to turn the computer on, I saw that the phone was actually saying 1%; not even enough to stay alive for the ride without recording for Strava.  Double ugh.

I still wasn't sure about the snow, so I went out with the road bike once I'd gotten dressed.  I decided, because of the salt on the roads, to take a bit of a chance with it.

But because the road conditions had me worried, I stayed on a big street, and basically went five miles down that street, then turned around and came straight back.

Aside from the worry, and the snow blowing into my eyes (especially at the beginning), it wasn't a bad ride, but I'm still glad I didn't push it any further.

Insult was added to injury, on the snow front, when I went to take my daughter to the bus, and I found the ski goggles I'd ordered eight days earlier had finally arrived (I'd ordered them via Prime, so I'm not sure what happened.  Very irritating, regardless of why).

The rest of the day went pretty well, except that I forgot to set the DVR to record the Caps game (had forgotten they were playing, and I only record automatically on CSN/+).  But my wife took me out for a very tasty (if extremely sinful, especially after I downed the extra-large slice of cheesecake).

That cheesecake came back to bite me a bit the next morning, when I woke up with a slightly upset stomach.  But I plowed into my normal ride (on clear roads and paths, this time), and felt pretty decent by the end of it.

This morning, my legs felt a little tired (which seems to be happening a lot recently, and I still don't know why; aside from doing four minutes of intervals each of Tuesday and Wednesday, I haven't pushed it in about a week), but otherwise things went well.  Although it was a bit colder than forecast (said 28F, but was mostly 25-27F, and got as low as 23F for a bit).

The one thing that I wonder about is that I saw quite a few more bikers this morning than I had in a week or more.  No idea why.

One thing I have decided.  I need to find a way to increase my output by a bit when I'm not paying full attention.  I tend to slide back to 70-80W, and I need to keep it up at 120-ish.  That'll get me done quite a bit faster without pushing me into Zone 3.  I also think I need to start doing some form of exercise that will work on pulling my legs upwards.  I think that'll help quite a bit when I'm looking to push hard (and maybe a little even when I'm not).

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