Another debacular finish

I watched last night's Caps game fully in mind of the Caps long (and terrible) history of finishing series' where they lead by two games.  It was certainly exciting when OV scored early, to give the Caps the lead.

On that one, and beautiful MarJo backhand found OV alone in the high slot.  OV's shot actually found Lundqvist leaning the right way, covering the angle, but also found the top corner.  No way in hell was that shot getting blocked.

From there, it was good to see the Caps not turtle down into a defensive shell, but they still gave up a late goal to tie the game up (yeah, I just elided more than two-thirds of the game).  That pushed the game into overtime, where the Caps looked very good (several seriously dominant shifts that forced some really good saves, but didn't find the back of the net).

But then they iced it and lost the resulting draw.  The puck went back to the point for a long shot, whose rebound went right to an uncovered Stepan for an easy goal.  Such an anticlimactic way to end.

Such a familiar ending for the Caps.

Only two positives, here.  One, I think the Caps will be better next year (especially if Trotz finds it in him to trust Bura more).  And two, at least they didn't go further into OT.  Another quadruple OT loss would have had me losing my mind.

I'm now going to try to forget about the Caps for the next several months.

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