This morning, I got up a little early, and tried to get out of the house a bit quicker than usual.  That kind of worked, although I had to take my shoes off and put them back on when I realized I'd forgotten to get my front light off the charger (right before leaving).

Still, I got out at 0510, and got going immediately.  Almost immediately, I was shocked to see that I had no power data again.  Time for some very angry words to Stages.

Also, what hit me even before that was that I'd forgotten it was going to be a little chilly this morning (about 50F).  I decided against turning around, though, and soldiered on, somewhat chilled (actually, quite chilled by the end, at least in my hands).

Other than that, things went really well.  I was pushing a bit more than usual (for a gentle day, at least), and still keeping my heart rate down.  I did my long figure eight that goes down to Alexandria (though a few blocks short of Old Town), and finished off with something close to my usual finish.

Overall, almost 25.5 miles, 1000' of elevation, and an average of 14.4mph.  I really wish I had the power data to go with it, because I'm pretty sure that's an average over 120W.  And my heart rate maxed at 132bpm (on a downhill, amazingly, where I hit 38.9mph; fun!) with only a minute and eight seconds over 125bpm.  That's damn-near perfect.

The only downside to the whole thing was that, as I mentioned, my hands were really cold by the end.  Fingerless, spandex gloves are not made for that temperature.  It was bad enough that I, at one point, had trouble waving thanks to a car that waited for me.  No bueno, that.

Still, it didn't reach the point of pain, and felt fine within a minute or so of going inside, so I'll take that trade.

Another easy day tomorrow, then group ride on Saturday, hopefully.  Details TBD.  And hopefully the rain on Saturday will hold off until after the ride.

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