Not so easy

Things started ok this morning.  I got out of bed, and didn't feel as tight as the last couple mornings.  I did some preparations, then got ready to get on the bike, and found that my front tire was flat.  Not good, as that's the tube that I just patched (again) yesterday.

I filled it up, then started to change it anyway, then decided to give the existing tube a try.

It actually lasted for the whole ride, although it was definitely noticeably low by the end.  Not sure what I need to do; maybe there's another hole that I haven't found yet (though obviously a very, very small one, if so).

Regardless, I got on the road (a little late, thanks to the running around and futzing), and did a mile and change of warm-up.  Then I decided to tackle a segment where I'd recently been pushed out of fifth, into sixth, followed by racing downhill from there on another segment where I'd recently been pushed out of KOM.

The first of those, I got my third-best time, which was disappointing.  The second... I can't find the segment, so I'm a little confused.

Regardless, after those two, I headed for the hills, to do some climbing.  And I guess I did ok there, but not well.  Really, it was a pretty frustrating ride all the way around.  I had no endurance at all.  And the power meter was out, again.  I did get the pictures for bending the leads in the meter that they were supposed to send earlier, but didn't get a chance to try bending them correctly (I was not surprised to see that I did it wrong the first time).

One thing that was a little annoying was that I didn't have time to do a proper cool-down.  That meant that recovery won't go as well, and also means that I was several miles short of where I'd've like to've been.  Still, I did a little over 13 miles at 17mph, almost 1100' of elevation, with over 22 minutes at/above threshold.  Although I'm much more sore than I'd hoped, and didn't break my record on that one segment, it's still hard to call all that a disappointment.  Certainly no more than a minor one.

Tomorrow will be a much longer ride, with the group ride out through Vienna to Herndon.  Hopefully I'll wake up in time to get there.  And be less sore when I'm done.

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