Butcher-ing words

I mentioned in a previous post very much liking Butcher's Dresden series. One point I failed to make was that he's actually done a better job than any series I can think of for keeping the series fresh and exciting, especially given the number of volumes.

I was a bit irked today, though, when I went to buy the second-most-recent one (Small Favor; I actually thought it was the most recent, until I got there) at the bookstore today. The irritation came when I found out that the paperback edition is $10. That's 25% more than any other paperback novel I've seen. I'm sure the book's going to be good, but I'm not going to pay that much for it. I guess I'll just get it from the library for now; maybe it'll come down in price, later.

I do note that the kindle edition is cheaper than the paperback. Not much to see there, but at least that's the way it should be.

And I don't pay a lot of attention to hardback prices, but the hardback of the newest book in the series (Turn Coat) is $26. Like I said, I pay less attention there, but that seems a bit expensive.

Update: Maybe I earlier looked at the large print edition or something of the latter book; at least it is discounted, unlike the paperback. Maybe I'll just get the hardback.

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