couple minor baseball notes

Well, as expected, the Nats took Strasburg. I hope that works out a whole lot better than any previous pitcher taken with the top pick. That's quite a record of destruction. My fingers are crossed, both for him, and for the team.

Brad Lidge went on the DL yesterday; I wonder how he feels about last year's All Star game now. For those who missed it, he threw about 100 warm up pitches in that game before finally entering and locking down the win for the National League. (Hmm... I wonder what the over/under is for years until the Nats can hope to take advantage of that home-field advantage.) His ERA for the rest of the year more than doubled (and I think it was almost triple at one point towards the end of the season). But he still didn't blow any saves (I was amazed when I noticed this at the end of the season, having occasionally noted his ERA), and they won the World Series. Worth it? Maybe. Probably depends on how serious the injury is. Or maybe not; some people would say that's worth anything.

Well, that's about it; the only other thing I'll say is, at this point, I hope the Nats can hold on to their current draft position. Oh, and I'd be very happy if the A's can get back into the race in the AL West, but that's quite a long shot.

Update: This is the original article I saw about Strasburg's odds of not being that great. TINSTAAPP, y'know.

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