milles bornes

I play Milles Bornes on my computer with a fair bit of regularity (it gets my head out of what I'm doing for a few minutes).

FWIW, the version I'm using is called macbornes, and it's a nice port of the game. Not without flaws (like counting the winner of a hand as the one with more miles, rather than more points. I count that as a flaw because the game is won and lost on points, not miles. It also has occasional GUI issues, where the image of a card being moved across screen will stay in one spot (along the track)), but it's still pretty nice.

I just wanted to point out this game I just played; in the last three hands, I got a total of 5 green lights (one of which went to the end of the deck, and the second of which was within seven cards of doing the same). But here's the result:

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