Race for the Cure

In celebration of my daughter finally learning to crawl yesterday, we all went to the Race for the Cure today. No, that's not really why; I've been to quite a few Race for the Cures. The first was back in '92; some people from my chapter of my fraternity came down to volunteer. It didn't make all that big an impression on me; I didn't do another one for many years.

I was looking at the 2000 race, in fact, I was even looking at the Philadelphia race that year until I found out that it was for women only. Kind of irksome, that.

But my wife and I have gone to each of the last several races, ever since my Mom passed away from breast cancer. She'd lived for eight years after initial diagnosis, but it was badly misdiagnosed when it came back. So, remember how dangerous cancer can be; and how long it remains an issue.

As far as the race this year, it was set up a bit differently. They had completely different starting lines for runners and walkers (a good thing), but a huge mess of a bunch of tents at the finish line for sponsors giving things away. And what really bothered me was the Komen gift shop, also at the finish line. It's probably good marketing, but felt pretty tacky.

It was a bit weird walking along this year, though. Most everyone seemed to be chatting with friends and family, but I spent almost the entire thing thinking about my mom. And that really didn't make me want to talk with anyone. Our daughter sleeping through the whole thing didn't help that any, either. Especially thinking how, if I was able to ask my Mom what she missed most about passing away when she did, I know that she would say that she wanted to meet Anya.

Update: I forgot that I wanted to mention, for the benefit of those who haven't had to push strollers in a crowd before: it's just as annoying for the people with the strollers as it is for you.

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