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The Caps just finished a pair against the Panthers, with the home team winning both.

They seem to be going back to their old ways of spotting the opposition a goal or three, and then trying to battle back. They were heavily outplayed in the first period of both games, with Santorelli scoring both times (joined by Reasoner, tonight). This evening's Santorelli goal was on a two-man advantage (for the full two minutes, no less; a really bad penalty taken by Backstrom there), as was a third goal, by Booth, seven minutes into the second period.

The Caps then started playing a lot better, getting three consecutive goals in each game. Those were enough to win a couple of nights ago, but only to get into overtime this evening. In OT, Wideman was able to bury a wrist shot from between the circles to end the game just as yet another power play was about to end.

Despite the four goals allowed (and the .902 save pct), Neuvy had a fabulous night between the pipes. Before the Santorelli goal, on that same two-man advantage, he made several stops he had no business making to give the team a chance to kill off that advantage. It didn't work out, but he gave them a chance.

And Washington was held scoreless on five of their own power play chances. Actually, tonight they didn't even generate too many good chances on the power play. Several of the chances were just "carry in, take one shot, go retrieve the clear, repeat". Ugh.

As can be seen from the scoring summary, MarJo had quite a game. He had two goals: one on a nice give-and-go with Laich, and a second muscled under Vokoun's pads from behind the net. Knuble also had a very nice shot off a cross-ice pass from OV; it rang the post before going in.

So, overall, the Caps got three of the four points available, so it's hard to be terribly upset. But conceding the entire first period both games, it's hard to be happy, as well. If they try that against Tampa tomorrow, they'll fall out of a tie with the Bolts for the division lead. Again.

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