Useless Thrashing

Last night's Caps game definitely had some capacity to surprise. The game started out with the Caps winning the draw, and spending two shifts (I believe) in the offensive zone. Somehow, that did not lead to any goals. But, first mission accomplished, right? Coming out hard, and generating some sustained offensive pressure?

Unfortunately, that was mostly it for sustained pressure. There were two pretty good power plays (again, neither generating any goals, but some good pressure). And that was it. There were a few more good chances, but not nearly enough.

I wish I knew what was going on with the offense. It seems like every goalie we see is playing one of their best games of the season. Seven shut-outs now, which I'm pretty sure is more than we had all last season. And we end the season 2-4 against the Thrash, after sweeping them last year.

At least Varly (guess I was wrong about Holtby bringing us into the break) was doing a good job keeping us in the game. He had twenty-three saves to go with the one score he allowed. Alzner and Carlson did a good job in the defensive end, as did Hannan and Erskine. MarJo did well again on the face-offs, winning 64% (getting him up to seven times he's won more than half on the season. Not sure where to find his aggregate FO%, although I've seen several people mention it being below 40%. This is two positive games in a row, though; maybe he's figuring something out (or maybe it's just luck; we'll hope for the former).

Next up, the All-Star break. Then, we can hopefully get a winning streak started, and maybe even start scoring some goals. First up will be the Habs, on Tuesday.

(On a side note, I wondered for a long time for what Habs was a shortening. My guess was Les Habituels, as in the regular winners, which I maintain is better than the actual Les Habitants, meaning the inhabitants. Bor-ing.)

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