Lightning Strikes the Phone Booth

Quite a game, last night, for the Caps. I like the new system (explained in detail), it worked pretty well again. The Caps couldn't manage to win the game, but they had the better of the chances throughout. But the Bolts new goalie showed that he's no Rolo-ver.

In the end, it went through regulation scoreless, but Varly allowed a rebound in the slot in overtime, and Erskine couldn't get to St Louis quickly enough to stop him from potting it in the back of the net.

Once again, the brunt of the defensive load was shouldered by Alzner and Carlson, and, once again, they came through with flying colors.

As the lack of scoring in regulation would suggest, Varly looked very good. The power play should come around pretty soon; they're getting very good chances, but somehow failing to find the twine (of course, there was that one PP where they allowed a good TB chance, but we'll hope that was just a fluke).

And again, the penalty kill looked very good, outside of thirty to forty seconds of one power play. And even in that stretch, I don't believe they allowed any shots, it was just an awfully long time to wait for a clear.

So the result was a bit disappointing, especially as it allowed the Lightning to take sole possession of the division lead, but I'm not terribly upset. If they play the way they did last night, they'll win far, far more than they lose. No worries.

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