Alz well that ends well

I didn't post, because I was out of town at the time, but the Caps (last Friday, I believe it was) took care of my last major concern of the offseason by signing Karl Alzner to a two-year contract for $2.57M. This was fantastic news.

Not only that he'll be back (since I was planning on getting an Alzner jersey, anyway), but also that it got done so cheaply. Frankly, I couldn't believe that. I can't see why it didn't get done sooner, if that was the final price.

Definitely great news, though, as the Caps now might have a chance to bank some cap space (assuming they can find someplace other than LTIR for Tom Poti). And I assume that DJ King will be sent down to Hershey (I call that addition by subtraction).

In any event, fantastic news that makes the upcoming season even more promising. Now if only we could have found a way to hold onto Eric Fehr. I was definitely disappointed by that trade, although I do understand it (particularly in the context of his shoulders holding up, or not). Still, he was very good when given the chance to play (by his body and by Boudreau), and I wish him well (when he isn't playing the Caps, that is :).

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