Back from Travel

My wife and I had a wedding to go to in upstate New York over the weekend, so we made a week-long trip of it, and visited a whole lot of out-of-town friends we hadn't seen in a while.

One we met at Sesame Place, a Sesame Street-themed park near Philadelphia.

It was a lot of fun, and seeing everybody was really great. Some of them, we hadn't even met all of their kids before. As I said, all around cool.

It was a whole lot different traveling with two kids. There really wasn't any time to rest after they were in bed, even. In fact, we got to the friend's place in Manhattan, and I noticed a couple of movies that looked good. Two nights, two movies, right? We didn't get the kids to bed before 10:30; already too late to watch a movie. Oy.

And I can see why I've heard horror stories of cross-country trips by car, with the whole family. The driving itself wasn't that bad for us (we really didn't drive all that long, until the straight-through 500-550 on the way back, yesterday. One of our kids is still pre-vocal, so that cut down on the noise (he mostly slept), so at least we didn't have the "are we there yet?" every five minutes. But we still were unable to make a quick stop anywhere. We stopped four times on the way back, and the shortest of them was 20-30 minutes. Two of them were well over an hour each. Even though we made great time while we were moving, it was still a very long day. I shudder to think how it would have been if we had been less lucky with traffic.

Oh, and the wedding was beautiful; very hot, but beautiful. It was right on the shore of an island on Lake George, so the setting was fantastic.

Now to try to get back to normal life...

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