Ousted on PKs

A disappointing end to the Women's World Cup for the US. I wasn't able to see the game, and it seems to have been quite a game. But the result didn't go the US' way, even though it sounds like they dominated play. Certainly, both of their goals were pretty, and one of Japan's was almost an own-goal (giving the ball away five yards from the goal is just never a good plan).

But the result is what it is. I only saw the replay on three of the US' penalty kicks, but even without seeing the fourth, I've got to say that that's the weakest performance I've ever seen out of that team in penalty kicks. Not that I'm trying to insult their play, or anything, I'm just really surprised.

In any event, though, congratulations to Japan on a stellar tournament, and showing very impressive resolve and determination. They could have folded many times, but they kept coming back, and refusing to be kept down. They were certainly worthy victors, and I hope nothing I wrote above is taken as denigrating of them.

The game as a whole was quite a finish to the tournament, and I hope that it goes a way towards generating interest for the women's game.

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