Trekkin' Across the Universe

I have never been a big fan of Star Trek. I watched the original series occasionally, and generally liked it. None of the subsequent series did anything for me, although I never watched any of them to any significant degree.

But a baseball blogger I like had this great quote:
Q: Who.s hotter: Troi, Uhura, Dax, or Pedroia?

Star Trek women are never properly described as "hot," I don't believe. Some of them are very nice to look at, but it is pretty clear that most of their lines were written by men who didn't understand anything about women. Which was fine, because neither did the audience.

Knowing many ST fans (mostly in college), this made me laugh a great deal.

And, incidentally, he mentions the 9:30 Club in that article, as well. I only went there once, for a J-Pop group (I use this term fairly loosely, here) called Pizzicato Five. The friend who invited me, and who drove, had his car window broken while we were seeing the concert. I did enjoy the concert, at least, which is saying something since I'm not a huge fan of loud environments. I can't remember whether that was before or after they moved. And with very small children, my odds of returning in the next decade or so are negligible.

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