Chelsea takes home the Cup

It hasn't been a great season for Chelsea, in the Premiership. They're currently sitting in sixth, over twenty points out of first. So they're in no danger of winning there. But you can't argue with their Champions League success, where they're getting ready to play for that Cup in two weeks.

And they were doing great in the FA Cup, where they were also in the final. They were facing Liverpool in that final, and it turned out to be a pretty ugly game. Chelsea was mostly content to sit back and counterattack, which served them well when they went ahead in the eleventh minute. Ramires got the ball at the top of the box, and got around the one defender between him and the goal. Once he got past, he blasted a shot that went off the keeper's hand, and in the net.

The rest of the half went by without much happening, as nobody could really mount an attack.

But the second half started fairly quickly, with Chelsea getting another counterattacking goal seven minutes in (from Drogba, this time, putting a shot through the defender's legs and into the side of the goal).

It looked, for a while, as if nothing else interesting was going to happen, but Chelsea started sitting back too much, and their defense fell apart a bit. And the Liverpudlians were happy to take advantage, especially the substitute Carroll. He not only scored on a nice individual effort a bit after Chelsea's second goal, but had two more incredible chances. The second of those, in fact, did go partially into the goal after being tipped into the crossbar by Cech, but was correctly ruled a no-goal as it never went completely across.

And that last near miss seemed to take the heart out of Liverpool, and restore Chelsea's confidence, as Liverpool didn't challenge again, and Chelsea ran them in circles to run out the clock.

So congrats to the Blues, picking up their fourth FA Cup title in the last six years. I have no particular rooting interest between them and Bayern Muenchen for the Champions Cup, but good luck to them. It would be entertaining to see a club only qualify for the Champions League next year by winning it this year.

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