Premiership finish

Was a little upset on Saturday, when I realized I'd forgotten to set the DVR to record the Champions League final. So I didn't get to see Chelsea's improbable run there culminate. But I did see that I still had Man U's final game, against Sunderland, still sitting on the DVR, unwatched.

So I turned that on, and watched, seeing the in-game standings updates as various teams scored. That was sort of amusing, seeing the standings table updated so frequently. I must admit, it felt kind of silly, but it was certainly interesting to see.

The game itself didn't rate too much; although Rooney's twentieth minute goal stood up, Sunderland was only able to really challenge once or twice. Man U vastly controlled possession, and Sunderland's only chance(s?) was on the counterattack.

But it was interesting seeing the crowd reactions to results at Etihad Stadium, where City first led, then allowed an equializer, and then a go-ahead goal to a short-handed QPR. You don't really notice that kind of instant reaction from crowds in US games (it was loud enough to be heard as the background noise, and was before the announcers said anything). I'm really not sure what that says about British or US crowds, though it certainly indicates that the British are more likely to have a radio in their ear while watching a game.

And that's pretty much how the Man U game went. But it was interesting that the City game had more stoppage time, so it ended a couple of minutes after the Man U game. And City found a way to score two in stoppage time, to preserve their goal-differential edge over Man U to take the Premiership title.

So it was an interesting game to watch, even if the game itself wasn't really all that interesting. I wish I'd had the City game saved, but I forgot about it being on a different channel, so I hadn't set the DVR at all.

Oh, and I almost forgot that Chelsea winning the Champions League assures them of a spot in the Champions League again next year (which I knew), but also pushed Tottenham out (which I didn't). So the Spurs last-game victory ended up meaning nothing after all.

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