Closing thoughts on Tiny Tower

I've basically finished Tiny Towers, as a game. A couple of days ago, I started building the last floor (Tea Room, for what it's worth), and it'll finish building sometime today.

At the time it started building, I had 299 people that were (or would be, once I built their floor) working their dream job, and couldn't find the last person for Graphics Design. It's hard to search for people, playing the way I was (stocking one item per floor at a time, and waiting for the last item to finish selling before actually stocking that item). But I realized that I had no need for more coins; I'd paid for the last floor I'd need.

So I concentrated on looking for that last person. It took over a day, and 50-ish new residents (including three people at Ship & Print), but I finally found him (her? I don't remember).

I had decided that I would stop once I had all the floors completed, and everyone working their dream job. But I still had over a day to get that floor completed, so I decided to finish all the missions and accomplishments. I finished all but one accomplishment yesterday (Tea Room is required for one), and all but three missions (Tea Room is required for two).

I'll finish all of that later today, I expect. Tomorrow, if not.

But I learned a couple of things. One is that my alternative strategy works well. Another is that you can still buy floors, even after starting the building of everything.

So, I expect I'm finished playing in twelve hours or so, but I had a fun time with it.

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