A Pro camera on the go?

I just wanted to make a couple of little comments about an iOS app called Pro Camera. I've had it for a while, but didn't use it until recently (in fact, I still don't use it all the time, but only because it's easier to get to the default Camera app). But I just wanted to note some nice features of it.

The first one is that it doesn't take as long to take a shot; the lag isn't as bad, and it takes no time to save the shot either.

The second is that you can change the focus/metering point without moving the camera. This is great for taking portraits of multiple people, of course, but the metering part is an even bigger deal, to me. I discovered it when I was trying to capture a sunset where only a small part of the sky was visible; I was thrilled when it worked (though still wishing I'd had my D4 with me).

I'm sure there are other cool features, but those are enough for me to find it worth the purchase price. In fact, they're enough for me to wish I could make it the default Camera app (wasn't sure when I first wrote this, but it appears this is only possible (via GrabberApp or AnyLockApp) on jailbroken phones). Was trying to avoid jailbreaks, but this certainly has me thinking about it).

Update:Added the picture that I meant to go with this.

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