Final note on the little skyscraper

I finished building the Tea House I mentioned earlier today, and completed the missions and accomplishments that allowed (I think I slightly missed the twelve hours I predicted, though. I didn't realize that I had over thirteen hours remaining on building that floor when I wrote it. A construction worker helped keep me as close as I was). So I now have a tower with 163 storeys (1 Lobby, 100 stores, 60 apartments, and two empty floors) with 300 people all working their dream job.

I did confirm that much of my tower bux came from finding people their dream job. Once I'd gotten down to a couple of non-dream job people my tower bux inflow dropped close to zero. And even closer once I got the 300th.

But one last thing I wanted to talk about was spending those tower bux. I spent quite a while using the bulk of them to buy floors quicker (by converting into coins). I now think that was a waste of time, and I should have used most of them (after upgrading the elevators to the max) to expand floors.

One thing I did from fairly early on was expand all of my floors to try to put them into identical time-frames. To do that, I built them up to the point where the two-coin item stock was 900 at a shot (or more, if it started bigger, of course). And I think that was a good idea. But some of the larger ones need to be expended further, so that the time spent selling the two-coin item is enough to stock the three-coin items. Many of them are big enough, and most of them are when you have dream job people working. But some of them are quite a ways short (off the top of my head: Billiards, Volleyball, Bowling, Doctor's Office, et al), and should be expanded until they aren't so. Assuming you have all dream job people, figure out how far short they are, and figure that each level you improve them subtracts ten minutes from that gap. So some of them need to be improved by twenty or thirty levels.

Once you go to my strategy of selling only one item at a time, this is fairly critical.

Also, I saw it suggested that not expanding certain small shops (tea house or coffee shop, for instance) is worthwhile, if you're actively playing a lot, so that you can get more tower bux out of that. My guess is that you'd have to be playing 8-10 hours a day for that to be worth seriously considering. After playing around with it, my guess is that you have a 5% chance of getting a tower bux each time you fully stock a floor. So I can't think that it's worthwhile.

But the key to the game is still a matter of getting as many people working their dream job as possible. My earlier suggestions on doing that still hold fully. It pays for itself many times over. So, the suggestion that I saw about cycling people through multiple floors? Complete waste of time. I was skeptical when I first saw that idea, but now I'm sure of it.

Anyway, enjoy the game. I'm debating whether to try playing it again, and see if I can do better. Given that it's taken me several months to get here, I probably won't. But we'll see.

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