Slow good? Or Slow Bad?

I was just chuckling after reading Ken Rockwell's latest screed about simple cameras (currently, it's on his What's New page, though it will eventually move to his June 2012 page. Look for the 26th, either way). There's a kernel of truth in what he says, about how complicated modern cameras are, and how much better things would be if they weren't so complex (KISS is always the engineer's byword). But when he tries to take it all the way to saying
on a real camera like a LEICA or Canon AE-1 Program, there are only three controls at most: shutter, aperture, and focus
it gets a bit silly. I kind of wonder where the subject of his very next item (ISO) fits in. Or how about zoom on a lens? Useless? Well, we do know he likes his primes, but this still seems a bit over the top. How about file format for saving? Yes, you probably almost never change this, but it's fairly important. Do you want control over the autofocus? Again, generally not going to change from shot to shot (though shoot to shoot, it might) either, but it's still important.

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