Made it

As can be seen from my updated list of medals, I've finally finished getting all of them.  I guess I did make it to the end; wasn't sure I would.

I'm still missing a couple of medals in my current record (three or four), so I'm curious to see what the game does, if anything, when all are reached.  I'm also curious how much longer I'll keep playing after getting to that point.  I didn't mention it, but I did manage to clear 10km finally (about 200 games after my post that mentioned just missing).

I also, today, finally managed to break my Stomper single run record (though I did kind of like it being at 1066; that's just such a critical year for the English language).  Didn't break it by a lot, but that record had held for about 4500 games, so it was nice to finally see progress there.  That record had lasted longer than my overall record, and far longer than my record for any of the other vehicles.

Anyway, I'm happy about that.  About time to go to sleep.  (I did finish Butcher's latest, to which I alluded in one of the linked posts.  I'll try to finish writing that up soon.  Good book; worth a read.)

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