Jetpack Medals

I still don't have a complete list, but I thought I'd list the medals that I have (yes, the names are predefined, they aren't randomly generated. I have a couple of them on more than one device). I'll probably update this as I get more.

001: Lonely Badge of Singularity (final update)
002: Double Badge of Rainbows (Update)
003: Sleepy Badge of Naps
004: Quadruple Badge of Bypass (Update)
005: Funky Badge of Jazz
006: Delicious Badge of Custard (Update)
007: Not So Lucky Badge
008: Prestigious Badge of Bacon
009: Sparkly Badge of Learning (Update)
010: New Badge of Double Digits (Update)
011: Annual Badge of Celebration (Update)
012: Dogs Badge of Walks
013: Super Lucky Badge (Update)
014: Adventurous Badge of Travel (Update)
015: Shiny Badge of Honour (Update)
016: Shiny Badge of Completion
017: Shiny Badge of Achievement
018: Momentous Badge of Age
019: Shiny Badge of Excellence (Update)
020: Shiny Badge of Courage (Update)
021: Tipsy Badge of Celebration
022: Shiny Badge of Persistence
023: Shiny Badge of Resilience
024: Shiny Badge of Skill
025: Shiny Badge of Accomplishment
026: Shiny Badge of Dexterity
027: Shiny Badge of Technique
028: Shiny Badge of Prowess (Update)
029: Shiny Badge of Finesse
030: Shiny Badge of Aptitude
031: Shiny Badge of Talent (Update)
032: Shiny Badge of Sparkles
033: Shiny Badge of Greatness
034: Golden Frothing Badge
035: Shiny Badge of Deliciousness (Update)
036: Shiny Badge of Curiosity (final update)
037: Shiny Badge of Insight (Update)
038: Shiny Badge of Love
039: Shiny Badge of Creativity
040: Crisis Badge of Midlife
041: Shiny Badge of Brilliance (Update)
042: Badge of Meaning
043: Shiny Badge of Delight (Update)
044: Shiny Badge of Superiority (Update)
045: Great Badge of Honor (final update)
046: Great Badge of Completion (Update)
047: Great Badge of Achievement
048: Great Badge of Excellence
049: Great Badge of Courage
050: Great Badge of Persistence
051: Great Badge of Resilience (Update)
052: Great Badge of Skill
053: Great Badge of Accomplishment
054: Great Badge of Dexterity (Update)
055: Ominous Badge of Assassination
056: Great Badge of Technique
057: Great Badge of Prowess
058: Great Badge of Finesse (Update)
059: Great Badge of Aptitude (Update)
060: Great Badge of Talent
061: Great Badge of Sparkles (Update)
062: Great Badge of Greatness (Update)
063: Great Badge of Deliciousness (Update)
064: Great Badge of Curiosity
065: Great Badge of Inspiration (Update)
066: Great Badge of Love (Update)
067: Great Badge of Creativity
068: Great Badge of Brilliance (Update)
069: Racy Badge of Controversy (Update)
070: Great Badge of Delight (Update)
071: Great Badge of Superiority (Update)
072: Special Badge of Honour (Update)
073: Special Badge of Completion
074: Special Badge of Achievement (Update)
075: Special Badge of Excellence
076: Special Badge of Courage (Update)
077: Special Badge of Persistence (Update)
078: Special Badge of Resilience
079: Special Badge of Skill (Update)
080: Special Badge of Accomplishment
081: Special Badge of Dexterity
082: Special Badge of Technique (Update)
083: Special Badge of Prowess (Update)
084: Best Badge of Birth (Update)
085: Special Badge of Finesse
086: Funny Green Badge (Update)
087: Special Badge of Aptitude
088: Special Badge of Talent
089: Special Badge of Sparkles (Update)
090: Special Badge of Greatness (Update)
091: Special Badge of Deliciousness
092: Special Badge of Curiosity
093: Special Badge of Inspiration
094: Special Badge of Love
095: Special Badge of Creativity (Update)
096: Special Badge of Brilliance
097: Special Badge of Delight (Update)
098: Special Badge of Superiority (Update)
099: Devastating Badge of Bradman
100: Badge of the Centurion
101: Shiny Badge of Spotted Dogs
102: Awesome Badge of Awesomeness (Update)
103: Heroic Badge of Heroes (Update)
104: Glorious Badge of Glory
105: Wonderful Badge of Wonder (Update)
106: Great Badge of Greatness (Update)
107: Amazing Badge of Amazement (Update)
108: Familiar Badge of Imagery
109: Brave Badge of Bravery (Update)
110: Lucky Badge of Luck (Update)
111: Prestigious Badge of Prestige
112: Honourable Badge of Honour (Update)
113: Warm Badge of Summer (final update)
114: Freezing Badge of Winter (Update)
115: Historic Badge of Fruit (Update)
116: Historic Badge of Sensei (Update)
117: Historic Badge of Raskullyness
118: Historic Badge of Zombies
119: Historic Badge of Echoes (Update)
120: Historic Badge of Racing Rockets (Update)
121: Historic Badge of Blasting Off (Update)
122: Woody's Badge of Programming (Update)
123: Sierra's Badge of Art
124: Muscat's Badge of Design
125: Last Badge of the Collection(?)

And yes, that last one does have the question mark in the game. I didn't add it.

And apparently my early guesses about the names were wrong. At first I thought it was done mad lib-style, as <ADJ> Badge of <Noun>, but you can see that isn't totally the case. Later, I thought they chose all of the <ADJ> badges to be sequential, but that also isn't true. It looks like someone took the time to individually name all of them. That must have been quite the pain.

sixty-eight seventy-three seventy-five
eighty ninety-one 115 125 down, if I'm counting right, and fifty-seven fifty-two fifty forty-five thirty-four ten none to go. Dunno if I'll keep playing long enough to get there, but that's the results of
7900km11000km of progress over about
43004950 games (Update: not sure about total distance or total games anymore, after losing what was my primary game log.  I'm sure there are at least 84300 more games now, but I'd be guessing at anything more specific).Feel free to add any others in the comments, and I'll update the main list.

Other update: Fixed some formatting after the list, it should now make more sense.

Later update: Had miscounted at the beginning, but now have an accurate count.

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