Buried again

Which brings us to Saturday's game against the Avalanche, which certainly had the potential to be a measuring stick for the team.

Well, if you want to use it as such, they certainly came out short.

There was certainly more time spent close, at evens, than I would have guessed, looking at the final score. In fact, thirty-four minutes of it; almost two periods (strictly speaking, the first two periods, less the three power plays during those periods). And that time did not go well for the Caps; they were crushed in all possession measurements for that time.

Even worse, the one score they managed during that time span (by Wardo, continuing his excellent play with his shorter stick), was matched by another Colorado goal less than thirty seconds later. Emotional let-down? Dunno. Sure seems common for this team, though.

The Caps did even things up a bit during the third period, at least in possession measurements. They weren't rewarded on the scoreboard, though, as Varly continued his excellent season (outside of that whole 'domestic violence' thing; that was very disappointing). In fact, they allowed two more goals.

Anyway, it's hard to get terribly upset about the trip as a whole, as it was tough group of games, and they did manage three points in the three games. But I'm fairly happy I didn't watch that third game.

Well, things aren't getting easier, looking forward. Tonight's game against Columbus is the lull before the storm, as Detroit, St Louis, Pittsburgh, and Montreal follow. Let's hope tonight gets things off on the right foot. Go Caps!

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