iPhone-ish notes

[I wrote this several weeks ago (9/23, if the file modification is to be believed), but apparently forgot to post it.]

I don't, normally, but this week I listened to Gruber's podcast, The Talk Show. It's kind of weird, listening to. It isn't something that reaches out and grabs you, but it does throw out some interesting tidbits (which would certainly be an argument for editing it down to a more manageable length; which would certainly get me to listen to it more often).

One bit of speculation that I found interesting was the idea that Apple might be starting to move production back to the US in order to have more control. That is, that all the leaks about the iPhone 5c/5s were on the hardware side, and came out of the Asian supply chain. But there weren't any leaks on the software side (ie: from the US). It's an interesting observation, and I wonder if there's something to it.

Also, Gruber has noted, several times, that he thinks the iPad Mini is the best one, despite the technical limitations of the device (compared to the flagship model). I think he showed why that is, in here. He likes to read things at night with just the iPad and a beer. Hard to do that with the 10" screen, since that requires two hands to do it comfortably.

I also hadn't realized the lengths iFixit was going to, to ensure they could post their teardown first. Apparently, they fly to Australia, and buy one there, and can do the teardown there before the phones are on sale where I am, on the East Coast of the US.

They also talked about photo management. I do everything with Aperture, myself, and my experience mirrors much of what they talk about. I haven't tried the new photo management on the phone, but it certainly does sound like certain problems are handled better with that management than they are on my D4 with Aperture. I can do more with Aperture (and with the bigger camera and lenses), for sure, but I can see where the iPhone's management will end up being better for most cases (assuming shot was taken (technically) correctly).

If I do a burst with my D4, it's certainly true that there is no good way to keep only the ones you want. I don't even try; I just delete when I get to Aperture (full disclosure: I almost never delete photos on my camera. I just fill the card up, then reformat it). I'm curious to see what the new iPhone's interface looks like; it certainly doesn't seem at all a stretch that it would be a huge improvement, though.

Oh yeah, almost forgot that they talked about the annihilation of the compact camera market. I disagree that it will result in no camera market. But it will certainly result in massive shrinking of it. Mirrorless will probably take over, and the marketing emphasis for point and shoots will need to become focused on quality. Plus, the cameras will need to get a massive software overhaul, probably driven by what's going on on the mobile side.

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