Data amusements

I'm working on some data capture tools, grabbing game data. Anyway, in looking at what's available, I found some interesting things.

One, nhl.com keeps game data back to the 1997 season (less complete in older seasons). Two, I was looking at game number 266 (counted via game start time; haven't looked at how numbering is done for games at the same time), and noticed a couple of somewhat interesting things. Last night's Caps/Blue Jackets was the earliest in the calendar (Nov 12) that game has ever been played; the latest was Nov 26, 1996 (ignoring the lock-out shortened season last year, of course).

The Caps have played in that game three times. The previous time was in 2007, with Zednick getting one of Florida's two goals in their win (OV had Washington's only goal). Ironically, the first time, Zednick also had the first goal (this time, for Washington) in a tie against Carolina.

And the last bit of amusement was that the team logo in the boxscore is the current one, even if it wasn't the one back when the game was played. I noticed that when I ran across one of the Ducks games.

Anyway, nothing terribly deep there, but I found it a bit interesting.

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