Feeling better, but...

I woke up when my alarm went off, this morning, and got going pretty quickly (I probably set it five or ten minutes too late, really).  My plan was to do my 18-mile loop and get on with my day, but that fell apart pretty quickly.

Despite gulping down some water just before leaving, I still found my heart-rate going bonkers on me.  I really had a lot of trouble keeping it under 125; I kept finding it going over when I was only pushing 120-130W.

That was still an improvement over yesterday, when 100W was pushing me over, but it certainly wasn't good.

How did I do, overall?  Well, 14.8 miles, 67 minutes, 860' of elevation.  That's a 13.3mph average, with an average heart rate of 121bpm, max at 134.  And of those 67 minutes, 11 were spent over 125bpm.  I've done a lot worse, though always when pushing a lot more power.  How much did I push?  96W, off about twenty from where I should be with those heart rate numbers.

So I'm definitely not all better, even if I feel pretty good.  And actually, I felt better as the ride went along, which is promising for tomorrow.  I think if I get back into my stretching habits at night (I haven't been doing that for the last week or so), and drink plenty of water, I should be fine tomorrow.  And will hopefully be able to do the group ride on Wednesday without trouble.

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