Legging out soreness

Yesterday morning, I overslept by a good bit, and got out late enough that I only had an hour and change for riding.  Plus, my legs were quite sore to start with, so I wasn't anxious to get out and push the pedals.

I did get out in time to get my 15-mile loop in, and finished it in a few minutes over an hour.  It was a hair over 15 miles, with almost 1000' of elevation, all at 14.2mph.  Not bad.  Mixed results on the heart rate limit, though: I spent only two minutes over 125bpm, which is excellent, but with a maximum of 140bpm (I was trying to beat a traffic light a mile from home).  Still, that's better than I'd remembered it being, and I have no complaints.

This morning, I was feeling a lot better (leg-wise), and set out about on time.  I did my shortest figure eight (25.4 miles, 1100' elevation), and in just about exactly the desired amount of time (1:45:35, in the event).  That worked out to 14.5mph, which was good.

But after the one-hour mark, I had one hell of a time keeping my heart rate down.  I think I was just about perfect up to that point, but from there on, I was regularly finding myself over 125bpm.  It ended up as twenty-one minutes over, which is terrible, and a maximum of 138, also terrible (especially the why it hit so high; I was trying to overtake a jogger before they hit a jogger going the other way.  Should have waited, as I was about 126-7 before the several seconds of effort to pass.  Still, I exceeded 130bpm several times).

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  It just seems to spike up much more easily, once I've been riding for a while.  My average heart rate was just about exactly what I would like, but the spread is just way too high.  Need to figure something out.

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