Threat of rain...

I got up on time this morning, but was very slow getting moving.  When I finally got out the door, we immediately started getting a touch of rain.  I kept going for a few minutes, but the light drizzle didn't go away, so I went home to at least get something waterproof to hold my phone.

I did that, changing my shoes at the same time, and then got back on the road again.  By that point, I only had time to do the 15-mile loop (although I'd already done a mile and a half or so before getting back to the house), so that's what I proceeded to do.

I discovered, to my irritation, that my power meter had cut out while I was in the house, and I couldn't get it to come back on.  So I soldiered on, with just heart rate data, and tried to do the best I could.  That wasn't too bad; I averaged 121bpm, and while I did go as high as 132bpm, I blame that on a car that got too close, rather than exertion.  Not much I can do about that.  Mostly, I kept it to 127; I had about five minutes over 125bpm, almost all at 126 or 127.  No biggies, there.

Speed-wise, I did 13.7 on the sixteen miles, which also isn't bad.

Of course, the kicker is that I saw nary a drop of rain after getting out of the house the second time.  Should have braved it.  Wish I'd at least put the phone in the baggie, beforehand.

As far as the riding itself, I was still feeling a little bit of residual effects from the century-plus on Sunday, but it wasn't bad.  Mostly, I felt it the few times when I started to push a bit (which basically only happened when I noticed my heart rate slipping down into the low teens).

So, a nice ride.  I also rode a couple extra miles later, when I escorted my daughter in to school on her bike; hoping to get her into it.  Actually, she mostly is; really need to work on my son, get him to take off the training wheels and really ride.  Soon, hopefully.

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