Still not right

I've been feeling mostly better today.  Only one extended bout, although my stomach has been feeling... not right... for most of the day.

I still got out and rode, but it was a shorter ride; around ten miles.  I thought that would help a bit, although I'm not sure it did.  One amusement kind of came out of it.  I didn't feel up to much of a meal for breakfast, so I just threw some eggs in the pan, scrambling them.  But then I left them in a bit too long; not nearly enough to burn them, but enough to end up with an egg pancake, essentially.

It tasted just fine, but definitely looked odd.

I let myself be persuaded to take my daughter to school on her bike again, which worked out ok.

Overall, that's about 16.3 miles, with close to 1000' of elevation (though I screwed up twice, resulting in the elevation not being recorded on Strava for either trip to school).  On the eleven miles by myself, that was at 13.3mph, and power was only so-so at 102W.  Heart-rate was pretty good, averaging 120bpm, although I did have a spike up to 132bpm when a pick-up decided that, with two lanes available, he needed to pass within a couple feet of me (no, I was not in the middle) at very high speed.  Overall, I had four minutes above 125bpm.  No complaints there.

I could see that I wasn't all the way well, though; I was only able to push 110-120W and stay in the low 120's pulse.  That isn't bad, but is definitely worse than I was doing a few days ago.  Hopefully, I can get that back to better numbers tomorrow or the next day.

Even though tomorrow should be a "go like hell" day, I'm probably going to take it easy.  Also, I think the group ride isn't happening, since I haven't seen any emails.  And given the way I've been feeling, I'm ok with that.  I'll try to do my 25-mile loop, and if I'm feeling better, I'll attack the hills on the way, maybe.

Update: I forgot to mention, the Swiss Side Hadron wheels that I bought a while ago might arrive tomorrow.  They were shipped early last week, and made it into the country by Thursday, but have made no visible progress since.  But optimistically, they could still arrive tomorrow. I will say that I'm extremely unimpressed with the shipper, PostNL.  Their tracking (or their progress; I'm not sure which, though my inclination is to give them the benefit of the doubt, and blame the tracking) sucks rocks.  I would strongly recommend never using them, if it's an option, and you have another choice.  Six days to get from NYC (presumably where it came into the country) to here is really awful, no matter how you slice it.

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