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I just got my hands on Photoshop Elements 6 for my Mac. I'd been debating whether to get it, or to wait for 7, or just to do without, but Amazon had a really good price a week or so ago. For whatever reason, it took until today to arrive (I'm guessing they got a lot of orders and ran out before they fulfilled mine, given that it was shipped overnight).

Anyway, I started the installer, and got this error immediately.

Interesting, as I'm using a bog-standard 'Mac OS Extended' filesystem, and as there's nothing mentioned in the system requirements at all, in terms of filesystem.

So, I mosey on over to Adobe's support site (helpfully linked from the readme that listed the requirements). No issue listed there, so I head over to the Elements forum. Nothing similar listed there, either, so I try to create a new post. And that takes me to this lovely page.

Scheduled Maintenance?!? At 3pm on a weekday? If they're telling the truth, then they are really stupid. And if they're not, what does that mean? They hate their customers? I'm not sure. Whatever it means, I'm probably returning the software; this is not the sort of thing to inspire customer loyalty.

Update: It turns out that PSE (and most, if not all, adobe products) can't be installed on a case-sensitive filesystem. WTF? Time to return.

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