Two Days in Paris

My wife bought this one at the Circuit City going-out-of-business sale. (The sale, incidentally, was pretty sad. We went, thinking about getting a new TV, and their closeout TVs were at least as expensive as Amazon's normal prices. I checked. But we did buy a few movies.) She bought this one because we were expecting romantic comedy, and we very much enjoyed Paris when we were there.

The movie was very strange, though. There was humor, but not so much of the "laugh out loud" variety. Neither of the main characters was really all that sympathetic. In fact, I started out disliking the guy; it took rather longer for me to dislike the woman.

Warning, by the way. The stereo downmix was terrible; don't watch it if you don't have a center speaker. We did, and had a lot of trouble hearing the dialog (not helped by not being able to turn the volume higher).

But the biggest problem was this. It was all about them doing uncomfortable things to each other, some deliberate and some accidental. But when they got to the ending, they punted by not playing out the denouement. It was pictured, but with one of the characters doing voice-over. Lame, lame, lame. It also didn't help that it was of the, "he'll irritate the piss out of me, but I'll still love him" variety. There's definitely some realism there, but who watches romantic comedies for excessive realism?

A second viewing of this one certainly seems unlikely.

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