kindle dx, huh?

Well, it sounds interesting. It doesn't address either of my major concerns with the kindle, and it doesn't make them look as silly as I'd speculated, since it's just a better model, rather than a replacement.

It does add native support for PDFs, though, which might be good enough to convince me. And the larger screen certainly doesn't hurt.

As an educational tool, too, it's intriguing. I wish it'd been available when I'd been a student. I killed my back when I was in college (well, high school didn't help, either), since I tended to carry all of the books I might need on any given day. This was frequently twenty pounds of books, and I made things worse by carrying them over one shoulder.

So the thought of carrying all the books for my entire time at school in less than a pound of weight is quite seductive.

It's especially attractive if there's a good way to search the titles that it holds. Man, that would have made references a breeze.

When I was growing up, despite being into D&D and similar pursuits, I was always glad that I had been born when I had. But technology marches on, and now I wish I could be just growing up. Funny how that works.

I must say, this is sounding better and better, the more I think about it. I could get it, and get all my technical books in pdf form; that would rock. Plus I've already got a large number of comics in pdf... this is sounding better and better.

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