how bad are the Nats?

Was just looking again this morning at their futility (despite Paul Dunn-yan's heroics last night). They're comfortably on pace to finish with the top pick in the draft again this year. What was more interesting to me, though, was who was second and third in that race: Oakland and Cleveland.

The A's haven't had anything go right this year for them. They traded for Holliday from the Rox, and he started the season in a deep freeze. They knew their pitching was risky, given the youth of the starters. Chavez is badly injured again, and might not be able to play again, ever. In fact, without checking any facts, I wonder if the only off-season move that's paid off is Giambi.

Cleveland is also quite a surprise. Like the A's, they were expected to compete for their division. They have a couple of bright spots, but when your top hitter (by far) is your catcher, you know you're in trouble.

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