I saw Robert "Mr Fantastic" Muraine's So You Think You Can Dance audition video last year (probably a day or two after it aired). And I was damned impressed; I'd seen a little bit of popping dancing, but I'd never seen it really well done.

He's also about the most flexible man I've ever seen, plus, I've never seen anyone integrate that sort of contortionism into dancing. And man, that was amazing. Afer watching a few videos of him and Philip Chbeeb, something occurred to me.

Popping really owes a lot to mime. It uses music, and tends to move rather faster, but both are really about body control, precision, and balance.

Which kind of makes me wonder... I've heard a lot of people expressing "nuke from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" thoughts about mime. How many of them would say the same thing about popping?

(And as a side note, what reminded me about seeing this the other night was catching Phillip Chbeeb appearing with (his girlfriend?) Arielle Coker on So You Think You Can Dance again. And yeah, we saw it on air. Bizarre!)

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