Angry, Angry Play

Well, the Caps did play like an angry team finally. Ovie looked particularly motivated early in the game. They showed up for the whole game, and mostly played well.

But the results were not there tonight. Neuvy allowed two goals on seven shots (at least one of which he had no chance on). Apparently, he wasn't feeling well, as he left before the thirteen-minute mark. Varly did very well in relieving him, allowing one goal on a shot that had, I think, five players screening him (thirteen saves).

MarJo got his first North American goal, and had a pretty good game overall. And the PK maintained its perfection, despite a 53-second 5-on-3. In fact, it even generated a couple of chances. The team, as a whole, put the puck on net quite a lot (36 shots).

But that's about the end of the positives. Sarge was finally on the ice for a defensive score. The Power Play wasn't. I just looked, and the face-offs were about even, although it sure didn't feel like it in real time.

I guess we'll just have to see if things come together a bit better on Thursday. Hopefully, Green and Neuvy will both be available for that one.

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