Weird Games

Last game against Boston was certainly disappointing. The team played well for the first period, until Carlson pinched in too much and a pass was slipped to his man on the doorstep for an open goal. Then they failed to clear for a much-too-long period of time early in the second; the guys stuck on the ice were tired, and let another through.

Things were looking awfully bad at that point; I got irritated and turned it off. It turns out that was just as well; things didn't get any better.

MarJo was having a good game, and apparently continued that after. I really don't remember who else looked good or not (except that Thomas certainly did, stopping thirty-odd shots to one past).

He was apparently hurt, though; I turned on tonight's game midway through the second, and saw Matty Po right away. Semin was an absolute beast throughout the game. Not just the hat trick, but was playing like a man on a mission (as was MP85; he definitely doesn't want to get sent back down) throughout.

Glad Neuvy was ok after getting run over by Byfuglien; I always get worried when the backs of the goalie's legs hit the post. Those bones break relatively easily.

Anyway, getting back to it, lots of apparent injuries tonight. Poti was out, Greene was back, but only for special teams. He definitely helped the power play; they didn't score, but they did get a lot of chances.

What would really make me happy, though, is to see the team score first. They certainly tried hard against Boston in both games. But I'm really sick of seeing them play from behind. They've got the talent that they can still win a bunch like that, but it's a terrible way to play. Just witness how well it worked for the US Soccer team at the World Cup; even that performance was better than it usually works.

The PK allowed another goal, but there were six chances, so that isn't too bad.

All in all, I guess my only big complaints tonight were that they were playing from behind again, and that my DVR somehow stopped recording with six minutes left in the game (it stopped abruptly just as OV was releasing a shot). Ah well, we'll take the two points, I guess.

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