Here There Be Dragons

Just thought I'd relate a small trip down memory lane...

I wanted to re-read my favorite story from Dragon Magazine. I have the collection of magazines, but I couldn't remember which issue it was in.

Probably I should have just searched for "King of the Cats" (the name of the story), or some such, but I decided to try to find it by looking for the cover (the issue is memorable, with someone slicing a Thanksgiving turkey in half with a broadsword). I was pretty sure it was in the 70s, so I just opened all ten of those at once. It turns out it wasn't, but I was shocked at how many of the covers from then (early 1980s) I still remembered. I then looked at the 80s issues, and had similar results. Plus, I still remembered a few of the games that were included in various issues (Baton Races of Yaz, Arrakhar's Wand); since I bought very few issues (3-4 in that time period), it was quite a surprise.

In any event, it turns out that the issue for which I was searching was #67 (I apparently transposed them, because my first thought was #76). It might have taken me less time to just dig up my hard copy, though.

Now if only I could find all my 2nd edition AD&D books. I seem to have misplaced most of them fairly recently (read: within the last couple of years). Very annoying.

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