Underdogs FTW

When I don't have a rooting interest in a sporting contest, but am still keeping track of it, I'll almost always root for the underdog. So, when I saw, this morning, that the Giants had beaten the Phillies, I was very pleased. I was even more pleased when I saw that the Yankees had finally been beaten by the Rangers.

The latter was especially surprising, given that Cliff Lee had only pitched in one game in the series (continuing quite an amazing run of playoff brilliance in that one game).

I'm now really looking forward to the World Series, which I wouldn't have been if the favored teams had both won.

I think I'd have to go with the Rangers winning the Series. The Giants have the better pitching (though not by a huge margin), but the Rangers offense is markedly better than the Giants.

Of course, as always in a seven game series, anything can happen.

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