I'm a little surprised at this...

Just ran across this article about taking a young child to Hooters... And it surprises me, because I've taken my young daughter (actually, mine is two and a half right now) to Hooters twice. Both times with a bunch of friends, which might have mattered. Both times at lunch time on a weekend, which also might. The Hooters we went to was also not centered on the bar, which almost certainly matters. (In fact, I don't think that Hooters (Fairfax, VA) has a bar.)

We did it because some friends have a tradition about going to Hooters on the same day that other friends are getting married. So, once last year and this (in this case, three days ago), we joined them. We were very surprised with how kid-friendly Hooters was. Need a high chair? Check. Kid's menu? Check. Crayons and something to color on? Check. Balloon? Check. Waitresses giving her extra attention? Check. Plastic cups? Check. The first time we went, we were shocked that we were far from the only people bringing kids there.

Really, from the perspective of bringing my daughter, it was great. I mean, Saturday was only my fourth time ever in a Hooters, and the experiences weren't so great as to persuade me to go back regularly, but we had a good time.

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