Second Transformation

Man, finally got around to watching the second Michael Bay Transformers movie. Wow, that was a bad, bad movie. I grew up watching Transformers (can't remember why I was home from school that day, but I was watching an episode of the cartoon when the Challenger blew up), but I still can't find much of redeeming value in there.

It was occasionally funny, and certainly looked impressive, but was an epic fail at everything else it tried. It couldn't even do sexy. With Megan Fox. How is that possible?

The people were barely even cardboard cutouts, the attempt at showing someone in college played like a spoof (and a bad one, at that), and someone managed to get paid for writing that dialog. Wow.

All I can say is, thank goodness I got it for a good price. Well, relative to normal asking, anyway. I wish I'd paid about half what I did.

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