Looking Through the Alice-Glass

I bought Alice in Wonderland quite some time ago when Target had a very good deal. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it at the time, thinking that I might want to return it and get the 3D version. Well, I debated that until after the return period ended (as I said, at Target, so that took a while), and then finally put it in the player last night.

I'm not sure what I really want to say about it. It was gorgeous, no doubt. It was weird; that was to be expected. In fact, I sometimes wonder if the original was some opium-induced haze that took Dodgson from which he was induced to tell stories to Alice Liddell. Probably not, but I sometimes wonder.

In any event, this movie was a very interesting take on the books (yes, books; Through the Looking Glass was also heavily used. In fact, a slight updating of one of the original Tenniel illustrations from TtLG also figured heavily). While the imagery was highly fantastical and nonsensical, the plotline was pretty linear and logical. I feel like I should make some clever observations on the contrast, but I can't really think of anything right now. Probably it's a simple matter that the movie wouldn't make any sense if they tried to make the plot as non-linear as the scenery.

I guess about the most that I can say is that I enjoyed it a great deal, and now feel that I should go read the books (I've enjoyed the pieces of each that I've read, but have never finished either, sadly. Not even right after I bought The Annotated Alice).

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