Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

Just finished watching the Caps game from earlier tonight; man, was it ugly. My closing comment the other night was about how the Caps should win, but we needed to hope it wasn't like the Islanders game (since that was also a "should win" game). Yeah, it was just about exactly like the Islanders game.

I guess the one good thing you could say was that they didn't give up any even strength goals. Oh, and TVo (some weird, third-period creativity aside) had an excellent game, despite the three goals allowed.

Other than that, the power play was wretched. Not only did it give up the short-handed, first period goal to Jokinen, but it gave up at least one breakaway on every opportunity. It gave up more shots than it took, as well.

The penalty kill? Two goals allowed on three opportunities.

Shots? Took 23 vs 33 allowed. Even down two goals for almost the entire third period, they still couldn't manage to take more shots than they allowed.

Scoring chances? Down 6-3 in the first. Down 7-5 in the second. Not sure about the third.

Mental miscues? They pulled Vokoun, briefly, and then still managed to get called for two many men on the ice. Oy.

Protecting the puck? -2 net giveaways (which is much closer than it felt), -5 net takeaways.

This was just an ass-kicking, from about the third or fourth minute of the game, onwards. Guys, you don't win just by showing up, no matter what the standings say.

At this point, I'm not even sure if I want to watch the Pittsburgh game on Sunday. If it goes even remotely like this one, it'll just be too depressing to bear.

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