Where is my 'Happily Ever After'?

Over New Year's Eve, we caught a commercial for 'Once Upon a Time', and was intrigued. Wasn't too sure what it was about, but what we could make out sounded very distinctly up my alley. And, happily, the commercial was to say that they were doing a marathon of the episodes that had been released, leading up to a new episode. Happy day.

So, I turned on the DVR to record those episodes. I've only watched two, so far, but it's definitely intriguing.

How do things go wrong in a fairy tale? And can they be set right? And what does revenge at all costs really do for the seeker?

It's looking at all of those (and the third is, of course, the most interesting of the three), and a few other things.

As I said, intriguing. Hoping to find time to watch more of it, soon.

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