We're all pod people

I laugh when I see someone call people buying Apple products "pod people", the implication being that Apple's products are either inferior or overpriced. And yes, I've still seen that happen at least once recently.

So it is with some amusement that I note that Apple's latest quarter saw them break all sorts of records. Not only did they blow away every financial record for the company, but they had the second-most profitable quarter for any company. Ever. (At least, if you don't measure in inflation-adjusted dollars. I do wonder about some of the older companys, like Standard Oil, back in the day. I have to think that some of their records would be awfully hard to beat, but I'm just guessing about that.)

They somehow managed to have more profit than Google did revenue ($13.6B v $10.6B. Thanks. That just blows my mind. And look at their cash on hand.

I guess there's a lot of pod people out there.

Anyway, I hope Apple keeps innovating, instead of litigating, and keeps making such cool products.

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