Those things men do

My wife and I weren't able to see Mirror, Mirror as we'd planned on Friday night (the 7PM show we were planning on was canceled), so we instead went to see Think Like a Man. I was a bit skeptical, based on the description, but choices were limited and reviews were pretty good, so off we went.

The first good news had to do with where we were seeing it. It was at the AMC at Mazza Gallerie, which we'd never been to. In fact, we'd never been to that shopping center together, and it was many years since either of us had gone at all. We lucked out with that movie being one of the two screens inside the Cinema Club. It's set up as a theater inside the theater, with a stocked bar, separate bathrooms, and very nice seats. It also paid for our parking, which would have been nine dollars. So things were going well before we even set foot in the screening room.

One thing I should point out, too, that I didn't know before we got there, is that this movie is actually based on a real book. Whether that book is meant as relationship advice or comedy, I don't know. My suspicion is that the book laid out several archetypal guys, and those became the main characters of the movie.

The movie, though, is definitely comedy. I could have done without the (occasional, and only slightly intrusive) narration, but that was only a very small complaint.

The movie itself was hilarious. I won't say I was laughing from start to finish, but I definitely spent a lot of time holding my sides. One thing I liked a lot was that almost none of it was driven by people doing stupid things.

So I would definitely recommend going to see it. Heck, if I were going to see another movie in the next two weeks or so, I'd strongly consider going again, myself. But that won't happen, so I'll just wait and get it on video.

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