Tiny Tower note

Trying a new strategy on Tiny Tower. Well, first a refinement. When I build a floor, I'll generally build a Service, a Recreation, a Retail, a Food, then two Creatives, then Service, then Recreation, then Food, then two Retail, etc. (Not counting the residentials in the middle, of course.)

The completely new part is that I'm trying to not fully stock floors. I'll stock the three coin item in a floor, then do the work of stocking the two coin item. But I won't actually put out the two coin item until the three coin item is sold. As soon as the 3c item sells, I'll immediately put out the 2c item and then start restocking the 3c item.

I'm still evaluating whether it works or not, but it feels like it should. I'll try to post again in a couple of days, when I have a better feel for how well (or poorly) it's working.

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